May 2nd 2018

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  August 27th's PTU meeting might be standing room only... we are going to have 'candidate night' just before September's primary. We will invite ALL the District Attorney candidates to participate in a forum/'friendly' debate... which might be recorded and televised by the BNN cable show. Also, other candidates for other elected positions are seeking to attend the August PTU meeting to present their platform to you the voter... we will keep all the PTU members well informed with all the details 30 days in advance.

December 5th  2017

Welcome ALL the new PTU members who signed up via the PTU website... you will always be valued and advocated for!

May 2nd 2018

PLEASE NOTE: May's PTU meeting will be moved forward one

day due to Memorial Day being that Monday... the May PTU meeting will be TUESDAY, May 29th 2018. Boston Police C6 CSO has confirmed their attendance for the 29th. Sorry for any

inconvenience, and thank you for your valued participation!

Hello, UPDATES will be listed by date. Thank you

March 20th 2018

Once again a very sincere thank you to both, Doug George and Adam Sarbaugh for their significant  and unprecedented financial commitment that will allow the PTU to place radar based anti-speed  signs throughout the Polish Triangle neighborhood. That will serve to enhance our saftey, and the safety of future generations for years to come... THANK YOU!

July 2nd 2018

Updates from the June 2018 PTU meeting, and also for the upcoming July 23rd PTU meeting, will be posted by this coming Friday, July 6th.​  Thank you

November 27th 2017

SUCCESS!!!... The inaugural November 27th 2017 PTU meeting was incredible... THANK YOU to our wonderful

new members and the outstanding officers  of C-6 for their presence and for taking the time to answer our member's questions!

December 7th  2017

The first official PTU email to ALL the elected officials was sent with an introduction of the PTU, and with the list of the issues/concerns that were covered at the inaugural November 27th meeting. As always, ALL PTU members were Bcc'd on the email!

January 23rd 2018

Thanks again to ALL our valued and appreciated PTU members for coming to our meeting last night... such a great success... and once again because of you!

May 2nd 2018

April's PTU meeting was another big success thanks to YOU, it's

valued and advocated for members! We had two great DA candidates come and speak to the PTU members... both very dynamic and passionate!...  See you at May's PTU meeting!

December 3rd  2017

Hello, All PTU members will be receiving email updates tomorrow

(Monday) December 4th regarding issues and concerns that

were raised during the Inaugural meeting last Monday.

Thank you and have a nice night.


A first ever historical debate in the Polish Triangle Community!

All 6 candidates for Suffolk County District Attorney will be in attendance at the POLISH CLUB - located at: 82 Boston st.

to participate in a debate/forum. All are welcome!

December 5th  2017

The first official PTU email to ALL the elected officials that represent the Polish Triangle will be sent tomorrow with 

the list of the issues/concerns that were covered at the Inaugural meeting. As always, ALL PTU members will be bcc'd on the email!

January 24th 2018


​Due to such a large amount of PTU members attached simultaneously on PTU emails, it is possible that your personal email service might view the PTU emails as SPAM or JUNK email... so please mark:

as a SAFE email address so that you never miss an email from PTU. Thank you.

February 28th 2018

WOW! What a great meeting last Monday was... it is such

a priviledge to be part of a great group of people/neighbors

who seek the common goals of peace, safety, and a great 

quality of life in the beautiful Polish Triangle!

Please look for a membership-wide email to go out

by this Friday evening, and also another posted "Update"...

until then, be well and THANKS for your participation!