PLEASE NOTE:  The PTU rules are subject to change, amendment, and/or  redaction without prior notification... so please, log onto the PTU website and select the "RULES" tab for any updates and/or changes.  Thank you.


4.  The PTU founder reserves the right to temporarily and/or permanently ban anyone from attending its

monthly meetings without cause. Banned individuals would have previously received a text, email, or a letter stating they have been banned from the PTU and its meetings. 


2.  The next rule is also quite simple... please treat each other (your neighbor) with kindness and respect.  Please refrain from using any profanity... you are however allowed to be angry over an issue/concern, and you WILL always be allowed to verbalize that at the PTU meetings, but please do not yell out your frustrations... please communicate them civilly, so we may help you resolve them. Thank you. 

5.  If the PTU was unable to contact an individual via text, email, or a letter stating they have been banned from the PTU and its meetings... they will be notified 

upon their arrival at their first PTU meeting and then respectfully asked to leave forthwith.

3.  Please do not verbally lash out at the Boston Police Community Service Officers or their colleagues... They are at the PTU meetings to assist and help us, they are not  the perpetrators of  crime in our community.

They have a very difficult and stressful job as it is, so please, extend to them the respect they deserve.


6.  The PTU will not  form a 501c (3)... therefore any donations we receive, will only be in the form of tangible goods/services to distribute to our residents, and throughout the Polish Triangle Community. All PTU donation requests will be done via email to the donor(s).  This will  ensure complete PTU transparency and integrity going forward for decades  to come. 

Note: The founder of the PTU cannot  be the personal recipient of

donated goods or services,  ever!


 If you live in the Polish Triangle, or own a home and /or business within the Polish Triangle, and are a member in good standing with the PTU, then you have the right to vote on any item/development brought before the PTU.  There is no vested time frame in regard to the length of a member's PTU membership... therefore, if you become a new PTU member the day of a voting item, you will be allowed to vote, so long as you meet the official PTU member voting criteria above.

There is no personalized voting allowed at the PTU... ALL voting

must be done on the merits of the proposal only, and not personally for,    or against the  individual and/or entity who is proposing it. 

A tied vote is considered a win for the person/entity seeking PTU support.

Re-Investing in The Polish Triangle Community:

Any developer seeking  to develop within the Polish Triangle Community, will be humbly asked to help keep our neighborhood vibrant, beautiful, and strong for decades to come, for the benefit of every Polish Triangle resident, present and future. Any developer that kindly decides to support our community with financial aid MUST always follow Rule: # 6

at ALL times, to insure the transparency and integrity of the PTU.

PLEASE NOTEAny individual and/or entity that comes before the PTU is under no obligation or demand to financially support the PTU and/or the Polish Triangle Community in any form whatsoever! Also, unlike many other civic groups, the  PTU does not have a vetting committee that decides whether an individual, and/or entity can bring a proposal before its  membership. Therefore, ALL are welcome to come before the PTU's membership to seek support without any obligation... so long as their proposal has no obvious moral defects that would bring harm to the Polish Triangle residents, and/or that would  invite decay/blight of any form to our beloved community.