Respect, Advocacy, and Unity... a civic group where​​  everyone  matters!

​​NEXT MEETING:  In-person PTU meetings are on hold due to

Covid-19...  however, we are always  here to advocate for you,

so please email us any questions or concerns at:

           Supporting and Advocating for the residents of the Polish Triangle community in Dorchester, MA

SUCCESS... We have officially reached over '300' members and growing!   

            Polish Triangle United

Well it is finally here!!!  A new and innovative civic  group, where ALL Polish Triangle residents 

matter!  The PTU encompasses the exact same geographical boundaries of the McCormick Civic            Association. At the PTU your concerns matter, your voice matters, and most importantly…

YOU matter!!!

        Just some of the membership benefits of the PTU…

  • NEVER any dues required!
  • Great complimentary food, coffee, and refreshments at every meeting!
  • Instant membership for residents, business owners, and property owners!
  • Your concerns WILL be addressed in an innovative manner!
  • You WILL always get to speak if you choose to!
  • Boston Police CSO presence at every meeting with crime reports and Q&A!
  • The PTU is an open forum concept, a non e-board structure!
  • Monthly meetings are only 1 hour long, no longer!
  • McCormack Civic Association general membership members always welcome!
  • Guest Speakers!


      Monthly Meeting​ Date & Time:  4th Monday of every month... 7pm to 8pm
      Monthly Meeting Location:  Lower church hall of St. Teresa’s of Calcutta…

      entrance is at the back of the church, 73 Roseclair street Dorchester, MA 02125

        For more info please email: